I am farting in class.


New favorite band

Yeah if this is, for real.
Well then maybe, reel me in
If it’s a game, well then what a shame, shame.
I was realizing, we were on our own.
Spending all of our time, wasting every night
I was realizing, I was getting old
I been working all night
Doing everything right.
Wanting together
To do it all right

I want more for my 27 year old self. 

My preferences have changed. I enjoy shopping for house décor instead of one-night club clothes. I envision a home one day with my loved one and a dog or two instead of being alone. I have these desires to pick up hobbies like growing plants or doing things I enjoy whereas I was on everyone else’s schedule before. 

Its scary how adulthood can change you. How a serious relationship can make you desire things you never wanted before. Maybe its because all my friends are moving onto more bigger and serious things or maybe its because I feel tired of being young and temporary. From friends to romantic partners and jobs to careers, I desire more and more in each spectrum of my life.  

Wishing 2018 to be a year of growth and opportunities.