So I got a dog a while back.

She’s very darling, loving and sometimes annoying.


All of a sudden the world feels so big.

I always felt uncomfortable in classes that made participation a huge chunk of your grade. Participation which was not just attendance, made you speak up in class, voice your opinions, etc. I hated those classes which is 99% of a reason why I chose to major in a science. It seemed like the other courses expected you to “participate” and “discuss” (meaning fighting intellectually for me). Anxiety would set in going to classes that were more for open discussion. I felt safety in my science courses consisting of 50 min full of just lecture. In fact, I was more engaged in these courses and felt included.

Just because some people don’t talk in class or ask questions, does not mean those that are not speaking are “shy” or “not learning”. I wish schools balanced the classes between those who are extroverts vs introverts. I would have had a more enjoyable time during my education.


New favorite band

Yeah if this is, for real.
Well then maybe, reel me in
If it’s a game, well then what a shame, shame.
I was realizing, we were on our own.
Spending all of our time, wasting every night
I was realizing, I was getting old
I been working all night
Doing everything right.
Wanting together
To do it all right